To submit a manuscript Munaqasyah Journal, there are two ways: 

  1. Please login with fill user and password . If you do not have a user and password, please register firstOr
  2. Or send manuscript to email, with subject "SUBMISSION"

Published in this journal with the following conditions:

  1. Writing discusses Education and Learning both the results of field research, theoretical or creative ideas.
  2. Journal manuscripts can be written in Indonesian or English while still paying attention to the minimum standards determined by Munaqasyah Journal.
  3. Journal manuscripts number between 10-30 pages, with A4 paper size, 4/3/4 / 3cm upper / lower / left / right margins, typed using Times New Roman font format size 12 points, paragraph 1.5 spaces, and paragraphs given firstline 1cm.
  4. If the writing contains a table or picture, it must be given a number, title, and clear information, and the position of the image or table is placed in the center (center).
  5. The use of terms or words in foreign languages ​​must be italicized.
  6. The citation technique used in the Munaqasyah Journal is citation in the form of footnotes, and the reference is the work of L. Turabian, A Manual Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertation (published by The Chicago University Press).
  7. Forms of articles published in the Munaqasyah Journal relating to Education and Learning as well as various new problems and developments in the field of educational research.
  8. Field Research Results. Technically the systematic writing of this article consists of ten parts, namely: (a) Title (b) Name and Affiliation of the Author (c) Abstract (d) Keywords (e) Introduction (f) Method (g) Research Results and Discussion (h) Conclusions (i) Bibliography (j) Acknowledgments Thank you, if any.
  9. Results of Theoretical Study and Scientific Ideas. The results of theoretical studies and scientific ideas are articles in the form of analysis of decisions, studies of theory, and or ideas for the development of other contemporary discourses. Basically the technical writing is the same as the results of field research, the difference is only in the systematic presentation. The presentation of conceptual articles includes: (a) Title (b) Name and Author Affiliation (c) Abstract (d) Keywords (e) Introduction (f) Discussion packaged per subtitles according to the discussion (g) Conclusions or conclusions (h) Bibliography.
  10. Articles are sent in the form of print outs and formatted softcopy in MS Word (rice text format).