Dampak Covid-19 Bagi Pembelajaran Sekolah Serta Alternatifnya

  • Siti Lu'lu'il Maknun Muthoharoh IAIN Ponorogo
Keywords: COVID-19, Government Policy, Online Learning


The impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has on the fabric of life in society is enormous. Apart from the impact on health, the economy and education have also experienced tremendous turmoil. The government has made various policies to deal with these impacts, including the existence of independent isolation and the surrounding area. Policy by optimizing state and regional budgets for the needs of preventing the spread and handling of the health impacts of COVID-19. This study uses a Qualitative Method which focuses on understanding the phenomenon of the Covid-19 Pandemic that is happening in society. The results of the study produce an overview of Covid-19 and the use of online media in implementing the learning system in schools.

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Muthoharoh, S. (2020). Dampak Covid-19 Bagi Pembelajaran Sekolah Serta Alternatifnya. MUNAQASYAH : Jurnal Ilmu Pendidikan Dan Pembelajaran, 3(1), 15-33. Retrieved from https://ejournal.stib.ac.id/index.php?journal=mnq&page=article&op=view&path[]=107